Stars in his eyes – Marti Gironelli

This is another of my 99p Kindle Daily Deal books and I can only assume that the blurb given about the book was really well written, or I was really bored, because I can’t understand why I would have bought it!

The book is a fictionalised biography of Ceferino Carrion who became the restaurateur and wine producer Jean Leon.

It tells of him trying to escape Franco’s Spain and managing to reach the USA via a sympathetic seaman. It creates the picture of an illegal immigrant working low paid jobs in New York under an assumed name. Then, via trips to Europe and Mexico, the newly named Jean Leon ends up in Hollywood.

He initially works as a waiter but builds relationships with Frank Sinatra and other stars and ends up owning La Scala and becoming very successful.

Where he is much less successful is as a family man and it is clear from this book that he neglected his family, believing money and security was what they required from him.

The sense I get from this book is that Leon was a man driven to succeed but otherwise a shallow and selfish man.

Overall, the book wasn’t bad enough to not finish but it felt like a chore to read and I didn’t warm to Jean Leon in any way.

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