A Ladybird Book about Pirates

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find a pristine copy of this book at the bargain price of £2.

I’ve been collecting Ladybird books for some time now and keeping a tight rein on myself so I don’t end up with hundreds of books we have nowhere to store. I only allow myself to buy books I know I read as a child and that belong to the same series as the ones I still have from childhood. This book met those criteria so I bought it and savoured the thought of curling up with it to read and appreciate the wonderful artwork.

The book contains brief biographies of 22 pirates, mainly British and Canadian from the 17th and 18th centuries. I loved the fact that there were a good number of women pirates included in the book.

And the biogs are the problem! There is almost no information about each pirate. I think I must have done some follow up research as a child because I know loads more than the pitiful explanations here and I certainly haven’t done any adult reading about pirates.

I’m glad to have the book in my collection. The pictures are wonderful. But I’m really disappointed with the text.

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