Ballet Shoes for Anna – Noel Streatfeild

Another Noel Streatfeild book I haven’t previously read. I bought this one because I spotted it when searching for the circus book and because I absolutely loved Ballet Shoes as a child.

I really wish I hadn’t bothered! Two of the three main children characters are spoilt, selfish brats thinking only of their own comfort and wants. I don’t believe anyone can be as unremittingly horrible as the uncle and I wish the aunt would stop being so pathetic and stand up for herself!

To summarise the story the three children live in Turkey with their English father, Polish mother and Polish grandparents. The father is an artist estranged from his family and the grandfather was, previously, a famous ballet teacher who sees the makings of a true ballerina in his granddaughter.

There is an earthquake and the village where the children live disappears, including their parents and grandparents. Only they survive.

They are sent to England to live with their father’s brother and his wife. The uncle doesn’t really want them and refuses to let Anna continue her ballet lessons. The brothers, with the help of a friend, helps them earn money for ballet lessons, shoes, tunic etc.

Eventually, the children are rescued and helped by the person who found them in Turkey.

In my view the amount of effort you’ve probably spent reading this review is as much effort as this book is worth! A disappointing read.

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