The circus is coming – Noel Streatfeild

This isn’t the book I was looking for but I actually enjoyed reading it!

I thought I had read most of Noel Streatfeild’s books when I was a child but it seems I haven’t as this one was new to me.

The story is about orphaned brother and sister, Peter and Santa, who have been brought up by their strict aunt according to rules she learned as a lady’s maid to a duchess. The children don’t understand how odd and badly educated they are until their aunt dies and they run away to find their uncle who works in a circus rather than be split up into separate orphanages.

The story is about them learning humility and how to live with other people as well as them gradually finding their niche’s within the circus.

I enjoyed the book because it was new to me, because Streatfeild has a way of keeping you interested in characters that aren’t necessarily likeable and because I learned a bit about what it was like to live in a circus in the 1930s.

After reading it I was left with a question to ponder: why are so many central characters in children’s books orphans? Answers on a postcard please! Or at least a comment in the comments box.

Actually, the thing I’d really like an answer to is the title or author of the book I was really looking for. What I remember about it is that the two characters were boys, one I think French and called Jacques. For some reason Jacques was being hidden from some bad people and the two boys ended up spending some time living with a circus troupe. I probably read it in the early 1970s although I suspect the book was published quite a bit earlier. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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