I am Brian Wilson – Brian Wilson with Ben Greenman

An autobiography of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, although not in a traditional cradle-to-now way. This book is probably what you’d expect from Brian Wilson, a slightly shambolic meander through his life although it is organised into categories, which gives it some cohesion.

Wilson talks, quite openly I think, about what music means to him, making music, life in The Beach Boys, his mental ill health and finding a measure of serenity and control in his life. Unfortunately, this also makes him come across as a self-centred man who expects life to revolve around what he wants.

I did find it interesting to learn how Brian Wilson makes music and the creative process he goes through working with different people.

I also realised how little I actually know about The Beach Boys other than their early hits and, having listened to some of Michael’s CDs, just how little of their music I’m interested in beyond those early hits!

Like almost all autobiographies I’ve read this one has made me want to find a good biography of The Beach Boys to find out more about their story from a less biased perspective. There has to be some personality within there to make them the band they were…and it certainly doesn’t belong to Brian Wilson!

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