Game of Thrones – George RR Martin

This book has been sitting on my shelf waiting to be read since the TV series was announced but I’ve never quite summonsed the enthusiasm to actually read until now! It wasn’t helped by a) not being able to see the TV series as it was released because we don’t have the requisite Sky box or whatever and b) being bought the box set of the first series and being bored by mid-way through episode 2!

Anyway, I was looking for a book to read on the bus on the way into work, randomly selected one and started to read.

I would describe this book as a good, brainless page-turner. It’s a book to read when you don’t want to have to think after a busy day at work or when you’re stretched out on the beach or by the pool on holiday.

It is, loosely, a tale of dynastic ambition in a fantasy world akin to the European Middle Ages. Friendships, vows and oaths are made and broken and lots of horrible things happen to the nice-ish people as well as the horrible ones. The horribleness all got a bit boring. Couldn’t one person have a nice time or a nice life?

If I can borrow them or pick them up cheaply I will probably read the rest of the series – I really don’t like not finishing a book or a series – but I won’t be rushing to do so.

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