Twelfth Night – Lunchbox Theatrical Productions – Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre York

One of my favourite Shakespeare plays delivered in a period-type setting with plenty of audience involvement.

This was, again, a great theatre experience. I love this type of production where the cast get in and amongst the audience and we become complicit in the action.

The 1920s setting worked well and it’s always interesting to see how the musical director will interpret the songs in the play. Wreh-asha Walton has a great voice and made a believable lounge singer.

Clare Corbett, playing Feste was excellent and Cassie Vallance very funny as Fabian, Olivia’s hapless, slightly dippy servant. In fact I thought the cast was good overall.

There was plenty of humour for everyone: slapstick, wordplay, jokes, take your pick. And the more sombre parts of the play didn’t drag down the overall atmosphere: the taunting of Malvolio was cruel and made its point but had been cut down so it didn’t become seat-squirmingly uncomfortable. And Sir Andrew came across as a generally cheerful buffoon who would bounce back from being gulled by Sir Toby.

If you haven’t been to the Rose Theatre and you’re near either York or Blenheim give it a go. And I’d definitely recommend this production.

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