Grease: the musical – Grand Theatre Leeds

A friend booked tickets for a gang of us to go see so long ago I’d almost forgotten we were going! Four of the five of us were old enough to remember going to see the film at the cinema 3 or 4 times – possibly more! – so, this was a bit of a nostalgia-fest.

It’s sometimes scary how many words you still remember to songs you haven’t heard for years. And how differently you see things as you grow older.

From a production point of view the cast were good: they could all sing and dance and were generally more credible than John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as school-age teenagers!

The set was good. It was fairly minimal and moveable to allow the creation of different locations.

It was colourful, well-paced and I enjoyed singing along to most of the songs.

Overall, I had a really good evening.


…from the perspective of a 53 year old woman the narrative in my head was saying “Sandy, why are you wasting your time on this loser? In 5-years’ time you’ll have outgrown him and he’ll bore you.” “Both of you, if you have to change yourself for the other to admit they love you they aren’t worth it!” Oh, the cynicism of age and experience.

I’m now in a weird place where the 2 films that dominated my early teens have swapped places. I’ve outgrown the teen love-story that is Grease and grown into the more adult themed Saturday Night Fever.

I still love the music from both. They both still evoke a sense of nostalgia. And I’d go and see either or both again.

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