Two Awesome Hours – Josh Davis

I don’t often read entire books about self-improvement – white papers are about as long as I usually manage – and I tend to respond badly to people telling me I “must do X” or I “must stop doing z”, even in print. I don’t “must do” anything!

I also have an aversion to people pushing their concept of time management onto me. This stems from the time I had a line manager whose view on time management was that you must have a numbered list of things you were going to accomplish that day in the order you were going to accomplish them. Sorry, my brain just doesn’t work in that way!

However, something obviously prompted me to buy this book and it’s been sitting on the shelf waiting to be read for so long now that I can’t remember why. I thought it was about time I got it over with and read it.

For a self –development book I actually enjoyed it. Shock, horror, there were things in it that were useable and useful and that I’ve put into practice!

The most useful thing was learning to recognise decision points and using them to take the time to think what is the most useful thing to do next, rather than just going back to what you were doing.

There was also a useful reminder to understand what enhances your energy and what depletes it. The additional stage recommended is to schedule tasks appropriately as far as possible. In principle this is fine, but I have a good amount of control over how I work. Not everyone has the luxury of scheduling their work to suit themselves.

I also liked the idea of embracing disruptions…as long as I’m not trying to get work completed with a deadline looming!

The bits I found least useful were the sections on nutrition and making your workspace work for you. That’s not to say they wouldn’t be useful for other people.

In summary, even though I can’t remember why I bought this book I’m pleased I eventually got round to reading it.

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