Ladybird: A Cover Story

This book was a Christmas present from one of the honorary nephews who knows I collect Ladybird books…and also knows I am trying not to go mad and buy a full set of them!

This book contains almost no text, just a short explanation of the book and the concept behind it.

What the book does contain, in colourful abundance, is copies of some of the Ladybird cover pictures. These date from the early 1940s ones up to the later 1980s ones. The covers were chosen by a mix of people who worked for Ladybird and public choice.

I loved the nostalgia-fest of leafing through this book. I enjoyed spotting old favourites that are still on my shelf. I was sad when I found covers from books I had as a child but lost or let go…and had to strongly resist the temptation to make a list of them to rebuy! I was also tempted to start a list of the books I’d like to own: I really don’t have the space to have a proper Ladybird collection.

And that was the downside of this book: knowing that I only own 45 of the books in here and I really want to rush out and buy the ones I used to own as well as the ones I’d like to own.

In summary, a lovely Christmas present and one calculated to wind me up as well as give pleasure! Good choice Tom and Sophie.

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