Daft Yorkshire Customs – Ian McMillan & Tony Husband

This isn’t really a proper book, it’s an entertaining way to spend an odd 5 – 10 minutes when you need a pause between reading or watching something.

I decided to write it up because it was a timely reminder to me to spend some of my reading time more frivolously. A reminder to take time and giggle about silly things.

I like Ian McMillan’s writing. I buy the Yorkshire Post on a Saturday in part so I can read his column, which entertains me and makes me think. I also think he’s a very entertaining speaker; my partner and I once made a last minute decision to take his mother to see Ian and Tony Husband at an event on the outskirts of Barnsley and I can still feel the ache in my ribcage at the end of the evening from laughing so much. I’m also writing this looking at the cartoon of Archie the fruitbat as drawn by Tony on that evening – you had to be there.

As you can tell, I was always predisposed to enjoy dipping into this book and enjoy it I did.

I love the tiny seed of plausibility at the beginning of each of the ideas and watching each blossom into a wealth of preposterous silliness. After reading 2 or 3 of the customs I could happily settle back into one of my more serious books with a lightened heart.

I need to seek out more of Ian’s book and, if I can, find another opportunity to go and see him again.

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