Another Fine Mess; across Trumpland in a Ford Model T – Tim Moore

Those of you who know me and/or have been reading this blog for a while will know that I love Tim Moore’s books. They make me laugh out loud, scratch my head in bewilderment and educate me. This one is no different and, being in part about a classic car, piqued my interest more than usual.

The book starts out as a way to understand and explore why the population of parts of USA voted for Donald Trump. It becomes more than a derision of the “flyover states” though. Thanks to Mike the Model T people open up and talk to Moore about the terrible state of industry in mid-America. It reminded me of what we saw and heard when we drove round Virginia in summer 2016.

The book also becomes a history lesson on the Model T: how it opened up America for everyday rural populations, how Henry Ford operated and just what it is capable of.

I can’t decide whether Moore was incredibly naive or just plain daft when he started off on his trip. I know our 1922 Calthorpe and I wouldn’t dream of setting off to drive 6000 miles in her! I certainly wouldn’t entertain doing it in a car I didn’t know and with no real experience of driving a car that old. On the other hand it has inspired me to venture out a bit further when the weather improves.

I think Moore’s journey and the help and support he receives from local enthusiasts where ever he goes is a great tribute to the camaraderie of classic car enthusiasts everywhere. And I’m delighted he chose to import Mike to the UK. Hopefully we’ll come across him somewhere and get to see the car.

Overall the book was interesting and I am left saddened by the swathes of mid-Americans who seem like nice people and have been so ignored by the political mainstream that they believe Trump is the answer.

A good read if you interested in USA, politics, travel or classic vehicles.

When’s the next book out?

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