Do the birds still sing? – Horace Greasley

Another 99p offer on Kindle this book is an autobiography of a British POW who met a German girl and kept escaping from his work camp to spend nights with her.

I thought this was an interesting book from the point of view of finding out more about people growing up in the inter-war period and understanding more about what life was like for POWs in the Nazi regime.

My main problem with this book is that Horace Greasley comes across as an arrogant, selfish man, even before he joins the army, which means you don’t warm to him and care about what happens. There’s also an element of “poor me and what me and my mates went through” which, when you consider the atrocities carried out on other Nazi prisoners and POWs, comes across as whingeing. I’m not doubting life was hard and horrible but from a wider historical perspective British POWs came off quite lightly.

I felt sorry for Rosa, the girl Greasley leaves the camp to meet. I think she got the worst of all deals and I wanted her to survive and to have had a good life.

My other gripe about the book is the really crude language used at times. I thought it was unnecessary and crass.

Overall, it felt like a chore to read this book and I wouldn’t recommend it.

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