Whose Body? and Clouds of Witness – Dorothy L Sayers

Two books that I reread back to back thanks to a 99p each offer on Kindle. It must be 20 years, at least, since I last read a Peter Whimsey book. I vaguely remembered enjoying them and they were an afternoon’s read whilst enjoying the sunshine on holiday.

The first book, Whose Body?, revolves around 2 cases. In the first case a body has been found in the bath of an architect known to the Dowager Duchess of Denver. She asks her son, Lord Peter Whimsey, to investigate and to help Mr Thipps, the architect, and his mother. The second case is the death of an important London financier, being investigated by Detective Inspector Parker, Whimsey’s friend. Whimsey and Parker stitch the two cases together and solve both cases.

In the second book the Duke of Denver, Whimsey’s brother, is accused of murdering their sister’s fiancée. Again Whimsey and Parker investigate and the crime is solved at the 11th hour.

I enjoyed the fact that my recollection of the books was fairly accurate. As always with these types of crime novels I enjoyed the period detail and setting…

…but I’d forgotten what an annoying character Peter Whimsey is! My tastes have clearly move on because he annoyed the hell out of me.

I think it’s fair to say I won’t but buying any more Dorothy L Sayers books.

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