Snap – Belinda Bauer

My Christmas book from Michael. Opened at 11.30am and finished at 9pm!

This isn’t my usual type of murder mystery, being set firmly in the late 20th and early 21st centuries but I’d obviously read a review and stuck it on my wish list, where Michael picked it up and bought me it.

The story starts in 1998 with 3 children stranded on the hard shoulder of the M5 waiting for their mother to return from reporting their breakdown. She never returns.

The second strand of the story centres around a London murder investigator, DCI Marvel, who has been sent to Somerset as a punishment for not following rules. He is unhappy at being there and seriously unimpressed when he is called upon to investigate a break-in. His interest is piqued when he finds out that this appears the be the latest in a long chain of unsolved burglaries.

The third strand involves Catherine While whose house is broken into but who doesn’t report it because of a knife and a note that are left on her bed.

Eventually, all three of the strands come together and several unsolved cases are solved.

This was a great “beach read” book. The central characters of the children and Catherine were engaging, the detectives less so but you knew Marvel was going to get involved and solve the case. It was signposted from early on where the clues were leading but you wanted to follow them anyway.

I found it slightly frustrating not knowing why the murderer really did it or why he had the very specialised knife although I didn’t really care deeply enough about the book to worry it over too much.

Would I recommend the book? Yes, if you want a book you drift along with for an afternoon. If you want something to engage your brain with, probably not.


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