Too much information…or can everyone just shut up for a moment, some of us are trying to think – Dave Gorman

This book was leant to me by a friend and isn’t one I would normally have chosen yet I found it a thought-provoking and seriously interesting book.

The book is about social media and how it is inserting itself into our lives.  It looks at how we are manipulated by not just social media but media in general and yet how shallow our interactions with the world are becoming.

There is a lot of information in the book, a lot of facts and yet, since Gorman points out that a lot of the stats from polls are ridiculous, one wonders just how true the book is.  In one respect I don’t think it matters, particularly if it makes people think, but I do feel there are some sweeping generalisations in the book.

I’d recommend it as a book to read when you want challenging.  It certainly isn’t bedtime reading.

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