Life to the Limit; My autobiography – Jenson Button

My latest 99p from Amazon choice and one that I enjoyed reading.

Button comes across as mostly being a nice bloke and someone who is passionate about racing.  He confesses to having been a spoilt, pampered child and one can see how this sometimes spills over into his adult life.

I enjoyed reading about how a driver – and it could be any driver really – starts in karting and works their way through the various stages.  I can also understand that it is a weird sort of life constantly travelling to races at weekends and can empathise with how Button struggled to be a “normal teenager”.  I guess this is where a level of natural selection occurs and separates those who are willing to make sacrifices to succeed from those who aren’t.

There is a lot of detail in the book about Button trying to break into Formula 1 and then his career.  It was interesting reading and interesting to get Button’s account of how he sees himself and my perception of him as a good driver but one who doesn’t quite have the killer instinct to be a great driver.

The key thread running through the book is the relationship between Jenson and his father.  I would say this book is Button’s way of publically acknowledging just how important his father was and how much he relied on him.  The sad part of the book is the feeling that Jenson hasn’t yet found a way to grieve for his father; he still comes across as a little boy lost.  I hope he finds it.

Overall, this is a lightweight book but interesting enough to while away a train journey.

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