Jingle Blues – The Chicago Blues Brothers at Alhambra Theatre Bradford

The perfect ways to relax and have fun after a somewhat busy and stressful end to the week.

I probably wouldn’t have come to see this of my own volition but a friend chose it as the way she wanted to celebrate her birthday.  I’m so glad she did.

You don’t have to be a Blues Brother aficionado to enjoy it although many in the audience were and it helped to make sense of the backdrop, the references and the dancing.

All of the songs you would expect were included and some Christmas songs thrown in as well.

In the first half the audience were polite and remained seated.  In the second half the band encouraged everyone to stand and dance.  I would have liked them to do so in the first half as well.  I find it nigh on impossible to sit still when I’m enjoying the music and would have appreciated some encouragement to stand and dance.

It’s a huge testament to the skill of the band that one of my friends, who is notoriously reticent about being seen dancing, voluntarily started grooving on at least 2 occasions! 🙂

At the end of the evening my feet hurt from trying to dance in one spot and my throat was dry from singing.

What would improve the show?  A couple of things for me.

Firstly, one of the pictures on the slide deck was a back view of a Santa with his arms around two girls wearing thongs, heels and skimpy tops.  Really?  Have we, as a society, not moved on from such pictures that objectify women?  Particularly when your audience is mostly women.  It was a jarring note in what was otherwise a good backdrop for the music.

Secondly, please finish the fringing on the dresses worn by Marcia and Laura in the second half.  The super, swingy fringing looked fabulous from the front and the back of the dresses looked cheap as though they weren’t finished off.

Apart from these minor nit-picks I had a really enjoyable evening and I’d certainly go and see the Chicago Blues Brothers again.

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