Whatever you think, think the opposite – Paul Arden

This is a book of sound bites about how to think to become successful.  The essential message is that to be successful you need to think your own thoughts not follow popular opinion and that rather than follow a steady trajectory you should bounce around a bit.

The secondary message is that any decision followed by an action is the right thing to do rather than making a “perfect” or “good” decision and doing nothing.  No, really?  Surprising conclusion, not!

This is essentially my problem with most self-help books, the fact that they almost all state the obvious in a generally patronising tone.

However, to be fair to the book it did make me think about whether I generate too many ideas and so end up doing nothing with them.  I’ve even gone so far as to write a list of 5 ideas I do want to do something with.  I guess the ultimate test of the book is whether any of the ideas get further than the list!

I did find it somewhat contradictory though that a book that encourages me to think differently is telling me what and how I should think!

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