Reflections on Goole – a film by Goole Civic Society

I was invited to a film premier on Friday evening.  Not quite a glamorous, Hollywood fancy frock job but something, in my view, much more valuable; a remembrance of things past and a reminder they are what makes our present and our futures.

The film is called “Reflections on Goole” and has been made by Goole Civic Society using a mixture of old photographs, bits of an old film made by Goole Junior Chamber, talking heads and some stunning aerial filming from Golden Media.

I got involved in the film by accident.  The date stone from a long demolished school is being returned to the town and there was an article in the local paper asking for memories and memorabilia.  My mother was the last Head at the school and taught there all her working life so I have quite a lot of photographs.  Margaret and John from the Civic Society came to see me and, after looking at the photos, stuck a video camera in front of me and asked me to reminisce about growing up in Goole.  I certainly didn’t expect to find myself in film!

The film covers lots of different aspects of the town and, with a mainly local audience, there were lots of “ooh, I remember that” and “who on earth was…” type comments during the screening.  It was definitely a nostalgia trip and I liked the fact that the purpose of the film is to celebrate what is good and interesting.  Goole sometimes gets a bad rap from the press and locals; I have to say I’m guilty of it as well.

If I was being a bit nit-picky I would say the narrative arc of the film isn’t always logical and it sometimes flits from one subject to another without finding a smooth bridge to cross.

What the film does do, extremely well, is to remind people of the history of Goole; what made it the place it is and why.  It also, I think, shows us why we should have some pride in the town and encourages us to have some ambition for it in the same way the Aire and Calder Navigation Company did when it founded the town in 1826.

The film also demonstrates the important role played by Civic Societies around the country in preserving the heritage of ordinary people living ordinary lives.  Without their work a lot of this history would be lost.

It is a privilege to have been included in this film and I’m looking forward to going to see it again with my school friends to one of the general screenings at The Junction on 25th January.

Click here for more details about The Junction screening

Click here to find out more about Goole Civic Society

Click here to find out about your local Civic Society

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