Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight – Tom Kerridge

As a TV chef I like Tom Kerridge.  He comes across as a normal, cheerful soul who enjoys life.  I also enjoy watching his cookery programme and think his food always looks like something you’d actually want to eat.

I’ve also been really impressed with how much weight he has lost, which is partly why we bought his diet book.

It’s probably important at this stage to point out that I see cookery books as reading matter rather than a book of recipes to try out.  I occasionally have a go but not very often; I once made a New Year resolution to cook from a recipe book at least once a month.  It lasted exactly 1 month!

I did have the best of intentions to actually try some of the recipes.  The problem is that some of the best sounding dishes were the omelettes…and my partner is allergic to eggs, which makes them a no-go area.  Even the smell of them makes him ill.

The other problem is that the recipes are quite chef-y – time consuming and requiring ingredients that aren’t commonly available to non-chefs living in a rural village unless you plan well In advance.

As a book I enjoyed reading about how Kerridge created his diet to work for him and his lifestyle.  I liked the creativity he used to make sure his taste buds were satisfied by what he was eating.

As a diet I liked the fact the author was visible proof that it worked. But as a diet it really doesn’t work for two people who travel quite a distance to work and can’t be bothered to do too much to prepare and cook an evening meal when they eventually arrive home.  Neither does it really work for two people who don’t have great culinary skills.

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