Flesh and Blood – Patricia Cornwell

I’m sorry but this is going to be more a rant than a book review!  I used to really love the Kay Scarpetta books of Patricia Cornwell but really!  Just how many dead people can you bring back to life in one series!  And how unlucky can one person be to have all of these not quite dead people either in her life or after her life!

Each new book seems to have a storyline more preposterous than the last.  This series is getting silly and I just can’t be bothered to read any more to see if it gets back on track.

At the start of the series I thought Kay Scarpetta was a great central character.  She was portrayed as an intelligent, savvy woman with sharp instincts and skills.  She now appears to be a hopeless judge of character – my HR-focussed brain screams out that given the number of employees she’s had who turn out to be psychopaths this woman should never be allowed within 5 miles of a selection panel – and such a terrible person that half the population of the eastern seaboard are out to get her.

And, worst of all, it’s put me off re-reading the early books, which I enjoyed and were regular “comfort” reads.

Sorry, Ms Cornwell, but it’s time to retire Scarpetta before you become a laughing-stock as an author.

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