George and Marina, Duke and Duchess of Kent – Christopher Warwick

Another 99p Amazon Kindle bargain book.  It looked vaguely interesting and I was in need of something to read whilst away from home and having no access to my stash of real books waiting to be read!

This is a biography of Prince George, fourth son of King George V of Britain, and Princess Marina, Third daughter of Prince & Princess Nicholas of Greece.

The book looks separately at their childhoods and teenage years, looks at them as a couple during their married years and then follows Marina through her long widowhood up to her death in 1968.

The book was interesting in terms of finding out more about the spiderweb of royal relationships across Europe.  I also enjoyed finding out more about the British royal family and the fallout from the abdication crisis.

The biggest downside of the book is that it is very one-sided, very pro the Kents.  A classic example of this is that he paints a picture of Marina as an out-and-out snob and then describes her as the pinnacle of British/European royalty.  In my worldview snobs aren’t the pinnacle of anything!  He also skirts over George’s less socially acceptable behaviour and tries to portray the Duke and Duchess as the perfect couple.

In summary, I found this biography a hagiography.  I don’t recommend it, unless you like uncritical and unbalanced biographies of titled people.  And I certainly won’t be reading any more of Christopher Warwick’s books.

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