Paramour – Cirque du Soleil

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while – I actually went to see it whilst in New York at the end of August – but somehow more recent things got in the way.

This was my first experience of Cirque du Soleil and although I knew they do aerial acrobatics I didn’t know what to expect.

Apparently, this is the first production where Cirque du Soleil have tried to create a blend of musical with circus skills so if you’ve seen one of their productions before I think you would find this different.

I thought the story was a nice simple one; girl loves boy but is made into a star by a movie mogul who is also in love with her but in the end she tries to run away with the boy and neither man ends up with her.

The bar and the movie setting lent themselves to what Cirque du Soleil are reknown for and the chase scene at the end was a slapstick trampolining/chase around the skyline of New York in the best Keystone Cop style.

The best part of the circus skills on display was aerial ballet showing Indigo, the heroine, torn between her love for the two men.  This was graceful., elegant and moving to watch.

The singing and speaking were okay but I’m not sure they added to the story or the quality of the production.  It would have been more powerful to treat the story as a ballet without words and to do more of what Cirque du Soleil are known for.  I was a little disappointed by the amount of circus skills on display as I’d expected more; although what there was, was good.

On balance I would like to see a more traditional Cirque du Soleil production to compare this one to and, although I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t rush back to see it again.

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