The science of everyday life; why teapots dribble, toast burns and light bulbs shine – Marty Jopson

This book is a great example of why I regularly splurge 99p on an Amazon daily deal!  Every so often a book pops up on my daily email and, almost as a reflex action, I buy it.  Sometimes the book stays on my Kindle for months until I’m away with nothing else to read.  Other times I delve straight in.  Mostly my reviews could be summed up as “well it was only 99p”; occasionally I land a gem.  This was one of those gems.

I never buy this type of book – popular science and the type of book you dip in and out of when you have a spare 5 minutes – but this one might make me change my mind.  It was fun to read, about things I use and see every day and it made me laugh out loud on several occasions (much to the consternation of the other people in the dentist waiting room!)

The book explains, in an easy to understand way, the science behind gadgets we use without thinking, how taste works, how my house functions and why I should use plastic tongs to get at the bagel stuck in my toaster!

I thought this book would be one where a month after reading it I had forgotten the science and just retained the sense of pleasure associated with reading a good book; I was surprised that some of it has actually stuck – well sort of; I could remember that the fact Washington felt cooler than New York when both registered the same temperature had something to do with there being more trees around at street level.

A real scientist would probably be bored witless with a book like this but if you’re a non-scientist and curious about the world I would highly recommend it.  Don’t read in one chunk; you’ll be so swamped with facts you won’t appreciate them.  This book is best read in short chunks 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there as you’re waiting to do something else; just don’t blame me when you get funny looks as you laugh out loud.

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